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Once complete, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be the most advanced hospital in Australia, delivering world-class health care in a modern and safe environment. It has been designed to ensure all South Australians have access to state of the art facilities that are flexible and can adapt to the changing needs of healthcare into the future.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) will feature 100% overnight single patient rooms which will include:

  • private ensuites
  • facilities for visiting family to spend the night
  • natural light
  • opening windows to allow fresh air inside
  • easy access to outdoor areas and internal gardens

A number of technological features will be included in the new RAH such as:

  • patient weighing beds
  • wireless technology and equipment tracking capabilities
  • in-room entertainment and meal ordering for patients

A retail precinct will be on site, offering services to patients, visitors and staff such as:

  • restaurant
  • cafes
  • bank
  • post office

Additional facilities such as a gymnasium and childcare facilities will also be available.

Other features of the new hospital include:

  • 40 identical technical suites (operating theatres, intervention suites and procedure rooms) built to the world's best standards, each measuring 65m2 (there is only one of this size at the existing RAH)
  • multiple entry points and short distances between treatment and recovery areas
  • a fleet of automated guided vehicles to help move supplies and equipment around the hospital
  • 2300 car parks on site, with a majority underground
  • an emphasis on outdoor spaces, internal gardens and access to views

The new RAH will be the State’s flagship hospital providing a comprehensive range of tertiary level care to patients, with a focus on privacy and passive surveillance.